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Hi! I've been lurking here for a while and thought I'd finally say hello - I relocated back to Tokyo last summer and have been enjoying your blog as I get more and more into Japanese cooking (my first few years here, I hated Japanese food - although now I can't quite remember why). Thanks for the inspiration and lovely photos. ^_~

Absolutely Tokyo!

Your food pictures really stirred some nostalgia for Japan, and especially Tokyo. I would love some fresh Tai right now!

The first time I ever bought it was for a gift for my landladies one cold, January evening. It was beautifully displayed in an undulating and graceful manner, and all the flesh had been cut into sashimi but the head was still intact. It glistened with freshness! When they saw my gift, they immediately invited me in to dine with them that evening as they quickly assembled miso soup, rice, a salad, and a few other things to round out the meal. Sake and beer flowed freely!

They told me that Tai is considered a "celebration fish" because it's expensive and tastes so good, so often it appears at very special times of celebration. That all sounded good to me, and I was overwhelmed by their generosity and desire to share in our own celebration.

What a wonderful evening that was, and I'll never forget the friendship, the laughter, and most of all, that delicious fish!

Absolutely Tokyo!

Oh, and one more comment. I forgot to mention the Tokyo parrots! I lived very close to Tokyo Institute of Technology and heard the story that parrots were at one time kept in cages to be studied for research purposes. For some reason that no one telling the story seems to remember, the parrots were accidentally released or escaped several years ago. No one thought they would survive the cold winter, but not only did they survive, they thrived! Usually around sunset each evening, the parrots swooped by the hundreds through Ookayama, squaking their heads off. Many times as I walked home from the train station, I would see a hundred or more parrots sitting on the overhead utility lines. The so-called fabled parrots do, indeed, make their home in the suburbs of Tokyo!

Fuji Mama

What is your favorite kaitenzushi place? I have been enjoying your blog for a long time now, and can't wait until you are back to posting more regularly! Thank you for all of the cooking inspiration.


I'm excited to read your posts over at egullet and get a more detailed glimpse of the "Japanese cooking life". You mentioned that your family didn't eat many exotic foods when you were growing up. At first I thought that was unusual since you seem to know so much about so many different foods, but then I realized that I'm a little bit the same. My dad was a meat and potatoes guy, and my mom's cooking specialty was spaghetti with meat sauce. Now when I cook vegetarian dishes (which aren't really exotic at all - they usually have very common North American ingredients) my parents ooh and ah at my cooking knowledge. I love introducing people to something new and having them like it! I also love the world of the internet because it allows me to learn so much from someone across the world! Thank you for all your wonderful blogs!


I loved this 'round-up', (we used to go to Moti's in Roppongi for the butter chicken and naan nearly weekly! It's probably sad that it's the only thing we ever got, but I was only 20 and it was sooo good! You've gotta check it out.)

However, I am loving your blog on eGullet! I stayed up late reading it all. Wow, thank you for sharing so much of your Tokyo life! Why are other people's lives so fascinating? Haha!


I have been reading your blog for a year. I enjoy it very much. Good work. I really liked the picture with the parrots!


Hey I've been reading for a few months since I moved back to Tokyo (creepy enough, we live at oizumigakuen! smallll world) and It's an absolute enjoyment reading about your cooking and life. it's amazing how much you know about food and Japanese cuizine and their names. I'm trying to learn the names from here and from your recent entries on egullet!haha I would also like to know where that sushi restaurant (recent on egullet) is located. Thanks so much for sharing these images of all these spectacular dishes.

Mama BoK

Yummy..!! the claypot rice i am used to in singapore and malaysia.. is different.. and way cheaper too.


I just wanted to say that I've really been enjoying your foodblog, it was really interesting to see a more detailed look at what you eat everyday.
I find it especially interesting because the way things are going I might well end up in a similar situation to you, living in Japan and being married to a Japanese man.
I wish that I could have made food half as nice as yours looks when I was living in Japan last year!
How did you learn how to cook Japanese food? Did you teach yourself or..?


Thank you Jessica!

AT, what great tai memories! And thank you very much for the parrot info. My sister-in-law lives in Okayama and we are actually planning to do hanami at the TIT campus. Hopefully we'll spot some birds!

Fuji Mama, we've had good luck with Choshi Maru.

Vanessa, thanks! I remember when I used to cook vegetarian food people thought it was so exotic, even though it wasn't at all.

Elarael, mmmmm butter chicken....

Thank you Bunny!

Lilia, we're neighbors! Kantaro-zushi is straight up Oizumigakuen Dori, a 10 minute bus ride or 45 minute walk. It's between the big post office and Denny's/Yamada Denki. More info in Japanese: http://r.gnavi.co.jp/g526500/
There is also a good sushi restaurant in Yumeria, next to the station. Not quite as tasty but the prices are reasonable.

MamaBok, I wish I could try the real thing!

Thank you Jen! I taught myself to cook Japanese food, with a lot of help from TV cooking shows and cooking magazines.

I don't know if you are interested or not, but there are a few groups for foreign women married to Japanese men (women who are engaged or just seriously considering marriage are welcome to join). I belong to one and have learned so much from the other members, so if you're in need of advice let me know and I'll give you the address.

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